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To DOWNLOAD The Pi Therm – Raspberry Pi Thermostat click on the link.

Activate 7-day trial version and try it for FREE! After the trial period, you can purchase a full version and activate it simply On-line.

Alternatively, you can get a trial version with an SD card here, or full version with an SD card here.




Preparing an SD Card



Insert the sd card into Raspberry Pi and turn it on

PiTherm will boot up into a console window (not into Desktop). If you wish to display desktop mode, type command:

sudo startx


raspberry thermostat

Open a web browser on your computer and type Raspberry Pi’s IP address. Do not use a web browser for Raspberry PI. The IP address starts with 192.168 or 10.0.  It is an internal address – that means you can get OUT to the Internet but nobody outside your home or network can reach your Pi from the internet. This is important if you want to have a web server running on a Pi that outside people can reach. In general, it is much safer to keep your Pi on an internal network.

If you would like to reach your Raspberry Pi from outside (Internet), check our Port Forwarding and Dynamic IP tutorial.

Activate a 7-day trial version

pitherm raspberry pi control heating

raspberry pi control heating

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