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Kit Contains

 16 Gb Sd card with Pi Therm + Activation Code.

Raspberry Pi Heating |  PI THERM turns your Raspberry Pi into an additional heating controller  that can manage many kinds of central heating systems.

It allows you to split your heating system into different sections as well as setting their attributes.

Temperature comparison algorithm allows you to create your own tasks and conditions for controlling your heating system and solar panels.

With additional features, you can make your heating system more flexible and more comfortable. For example, current data from your security system and outdoor temperature probes are evaluated and considered by PI THERM  to save you money for heating and/or hot water.

You can control PI THERM via the Internet/WiFi/LAN by using a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Pi Therm can be used only as an additional control system for your current system/thermostats.



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