Split your heating into sections

pitherm sections

If you have more than one thermostat in your home, you have a zonal heating system. A Controlling multiple sections/zones has never been easier. With PI THERM you can create as many sections as you need. It allows you to set different temperatures and times in different rooms and control them more effectively and efficiently.

An intuitive web interface displays all information about all sections – their current temperature, status and scheduled events. PI THERM allows you to define different parameters for each section according to your preferences.

For every section you can specify:


Heating or Cooling Mode

Relay Output

Temperature Probe

Timeslots – up to 4 each day

Desired Temperature for each Timeslot


Boost Duration

Adaptation algorithm’s Thresholds

Adaptation algorithm’s Values

‘Away Mode’ Temperature

Temporary Desired Temperature

raspberry pi heating managment system pitherm

PI THERM Section